Why Test Your Water


There are many reasons why you should test your water supply in your home or business. Some instances of when it is recommended to test drinking water are listed below:

  • If your water supply is private, ie. comes from a well in your garden, then routine tests should be carried out regularly
  • If you have recurring incidents of gastrointestinal illness within your family
  • If you know or suspect that you may have lead pipes
  • If you are buying a new home or renting a new property
  • If water stains plumbing fixtures and laundry
  • If water has an objectionable taste or smell
  • If water appears cloudy, frothy, or coloured
  • If pipes or plumbing show signs of corrosion
  • If water leaves scaly residues or household appliances don’t appear to be working efficiently
  • If water supply equipment (pump, chlorinators, etc.) wear rapidly
  • If you have installed a water softener or some sort of filtering system to ensure it is working correctly