Terms & Conditions

1. It is our intention that all the terms of the agreement between us (including details of the services and

any goods or materials we are to provide) are contained in this document. If you have any questions or

do not accept any of the provisions included in these terms and conditions, please let us know.

2. Bio Water uses its own employees and suitably qualified independent contractors under authority

from Bio Water to provide the Bio Water service.

3. Independent contractors have no authority to incur liability on behalf of or to act as agent for Bio


4. The price payable by you is the price stated on our online store and as the Total Due on the quotation.

Unless otherwise stated.

5. All orders placed on our online store will be completed and despatched within 2 working days.

6. All returned samples will be completed within 3 working days on receipt of your samples and a report

sent via email or post.

7. Domestic Customers: Payment for testing required at purchase via our online store immediately.

7.1 Commercial Customers: Payment for testing required at purchase via our online store immediately.

8. All orders to be placed on-line via our nominated payment processor

9. Invoices can only contested in writing by means of registered post within 7 working days from date of


10. We will carry out work during our normal business hours which are 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday.

11. Our tests are a guide of your water quality and where appropriate, we may advise you that remedial

or maintenance work will be required to be undertaken by you in order to bring your drinking water up to

a suitable standard or to prevent a future contamination. Such work will be at your own cost. does not

affect your legal rights including those rights under the Sale of Goods and Supply of Services Act 1980.

You can get information about your rights from a Citizens Advice Bureau or Trading Standards


12. The material on our site is for information and educational purposes only. You should consult with

registered medical practitioners or healthcare professionals concerning the information presented.

Information has been compiled from sources that we deem reliable but no guarantee either expressed or

implied is made regarding the accuracy of the same. It is your responsibility to verify to your own

satisfaction the provenance of the information supplied before making any decision based upon the

information. Generally, but specifically if you have any pre-existing medical conditions, we advise you to

consult your doctor before using any of the products sold or following any advice given (including food

charts, recipes, diet plans etc). The information on this website is our opinion and is for information and

educational purposes only. It is not an attempt by the writers or publisher to diagnose or prescribe, nor

should it be construed to be such. Readers are hereby encouraged to consult with a licensed healthcare

professional concerning the information presented, which has been received from sources deemed

reliable, but no guarantees, expressed or implied, can be made regarding the accuracy of same.

Therefore, readers are also encouraged to verify for themselves and to their own satisfaction the

accuracy of all reports, recommendations, conclusions, comments, opinions, or anything else published

herein before making any kind of decisions based upon what they have read. If you have a medical

condition, please consult your medical practitioner.

13. It is essential to remember that none of the Bio Water employees are: a doctor, a dietician, a medical

professional, a journalist, a therapist .Only opinions based upon our own personal experiences or

information detailed in medical/academic journals or other publications is cited. WE DO NOT OFFER

MEDICAL ADVICE or prescribe any treatments. This refers to any form of conversation between Bio

Water and our customers. For any health or medical issues – you should be talking to your doctor – not

taking our advice.

14. We will not be responsible for our failure to meet any of our obligations under this agreement

because of circumstances beyond our control.

15. If you are a tenant you will need your landlord’s permission to allow us to carry out the work. If the

property is a listed building you may require planning permission. In either case it is your responsibility to

obtain any permission required for the work.

16. Notice of your Right to Cancel. You are entitled to cancel this agreement. If you wish to cancel, you

MUST DO SO IN WRITING and deliver personally or send by recorded delivery or registered post to Bio

Water at the address on the front of the quotation left behind by the engineer at any time WITHIN 7

DAYS starting from the date the agreement is signed. Notice of cancellation is deemed to have been

served as soon as it is posted or sent to us or in the case of electronic communication, from the date it is

sent to us.

17. We may cancel the agreement at any time by giving you written notice. If we cancel the agreement

without good reason, we will pay you any reasonable costs you incur as a direct result of the cancellation.

18. Bio Water may check your details with one or more licensed credit reference and fraud-prevention

agencies. Bio Water and they may keep a record of this search and the payment details from your

account, and share it with other organisations. If a person provides false or inaccurate information and

we suspect fraud, this is also recorded. Information about you, please write to the Data Protection

Manager at Ellensborough, Dublin 24.