Domestic Drinking Water


Bio Water tests the quality of the water by sending you an empty sterile bottle to be filled by you and returned to us in our Freepost envelope. Once we receive your sample we will complete the tests and send you your report using our traffic light system to highlight the results via email.

Our tests consist of:

Domestic Drinking Water (€65.00)

Alkalinity – (Scaling)

Bacteria – (Water Quality)

Chloride – (Salt Levels for Filters & Softners)

Chlorine – (Skin & Lungs Issues)

Fluoride – (Teeth and Bone Issues)

Hardness – (Scaling)

Irons – (Red & Brown Colour)

Nitrites / Nitrites – (Blue Baby Syndrome)

pH – (Acidic & Alkalinity – Corrosive Value)

TDS – (Indication of Water Quality)